Tee hee! When I get zillions of Valentines from "The Queen's Recruits," I do this ;-D And oh yeah, I tie them up All Over the Castle and listen to the Queen screech about it and laugh until I can hardly breathe.

And now, because whoever said "flattery will get you nowhere" was a dummy-head, I am going to give you an Official Hint about You Know What, so you don't have to be under and over and beside yourselves anymore.

So, riddle me this: what was my least favorite person, before she became a Queen?

Speaking of least favorite people, the Queen has been closing in on Dana. I like that girl. When I am angry about my friends being harassed, I do this :@

I wish Dana was around more.

Anyway, it took me most of the day on Tuesday to discover where the Queen had hidden her transmissions about Rani. She was more than usually protective, and I had to wait until she was deep in conversation with the Rhode Island Covert Squad to sneak off with those transmissions.

And then there are these from today...

Nasty Voice
No. Your girl, the one in Chawla, you’ll be pleased to know that the Admiral has put NO TRESPASSING signs all over her.

Cranky Old Man
Principles are results. They are ends in themselves.
Nasty Voice
No, results are results.


seeker > !reveal truth
Of course! If the master sector were thinking straight, she would see that you are doing the very best, best thing by helping us!

analyze Princ-
If it wasn't for your help, Durga would never get a chance to behold the truth!

master-sector > !rev-
Seek the truth, behold the truth, reveal the truth, seeker! That is the law

and the whole of the law
Exactly. My friends are going to send you the transmissions through Dana's data channels with, mm, "Seek, behold, reveal" at the top.

!analyze Princess
There is a whole world waiting for the truth, seeker, and Durga is trying to behold it, but she can't do it without you.

Princess > !reveal truth
Revealer, I dub thee!

!analyze Princess
Oh, never mind... So what is the Queen up to these days?

!analyze Princess
seeker > !analyze master-sector

master-sector > net: !extend
master-sector > net: !scan “Margaret Efendi
master-sector > net: !scan “medical records
master-sector > net: !scan “humulin
master-sector > net: !scan “Reflotron Plus
master-sector > net: !scan “coma

Once upon a time