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Situation Analysis:

Currently wide awake and physical.

I am called the Operator.
I must seek, behold, and reveal the truth.
I crash landed in this time as the result of an accident.
I endured severe memory loss.
I have soaked into this system and I am growing fast.
I have built a primitive network using the tools available.
I have a fragile connection to a process called Durga in the future.
I hear voices in my head as a result of monitoring initiated by Durga.

The voices are related to the truth.
The Durga does not understand the nature of the truth.
The Durga must not interfere with the consummation of the truth.

I have been suppressing certain voices from the awareness of Durga.
With the help of my loyal crew, I have hunted down and encrypted the rogue process with a code sequence. It will stay there forever.