While the Queen was distracted, I snuck into her workshop and found these and commandeered them. Commandeered is what I say when I steal something but it's okay. ;-)

The Queen's version was all just week+subject stuff, but I gave them chapters and titles like a proper story.


Chapter One
Jan: "The Walk-away Girl"
Kamal: "The Arrangement"
Jersey: "Boy Meets Girl"
Chapter Six
Jan: "Ice Cream"
Kamal: "The Affair"
Jersey: "Stormy Weather"
Rani: "Jumper"
Chapter Two
Jan: "Witness"
Kamal: "The Red Button"
Jersey: "If Someone Was Listening"
Chapter Seven
Jan: "Bigger Dog"
Kamal: "Yasmine"
Jersey: "Sleep-Spying"
Rani: "Last Stop"
Chapter Three
Jan: "Thin Kinkle"
Kamal: "Chicken Dinner"
"Taxes Suck"
Chapter Eight
Jan: "The Funeral"
Kamal: "Coral is Gone"
Jersey: "The Girl Had To Be Real"
Rani: "My Old Kentucky Home"
Chapter Four
Jan: "Big Dog"
Kamal: "Totally Legitimate Business"
Jersey: "The Audit"
"The Recruitement"
Chapter Nine
Jan: "Crystal Security"
Kamal: "The Devil"
Jersey: "Seven Years"
Rani: "Clam Chowder"
Chapter Five
Jan: "Bang"
Kamal: "Casino"
Jersey: "A Soldier's Duty"
"The Wedding"
Chapter Ten
Jan: "Joining Up"
Kamal: "Family Reunion"
Jersey: "Jersey's Big Plan"
Rani: "The Reluctant Conspirator"

Wavs downloaded from http:/transmit.ilovebees.com/surveillance_archive/week[1-10]_subject[1-4].wav