Archived Updates

2004Sep15 Updates (668/777)

Fable wavs still have one (1) left: thin_kinkle.
Recipe3 wav opened: standish. No page setup for these. :(
Comatas wavs opened today:
so_dense, hard_bargain, wee_wee_wee, ballet, twenty_percent, box_of_chocolates.

2004Sep14 Updates

Fable wavs opened: surgery, zip_your_shirt.  One (1) left: thin_kinkle

Seven comatas wavs activated: apartment_squirrels, your_first_mistake, mr_congeniality, knee_caps, i_looked_it_up, in_each_pit, thermostat

03:24PDT--Working on new comatas axon maps page for axons in each group.  Several new wav files to open:

such_pigs, big_dog, her_hair, alaska, big_gloves, apartment_squirrels, optical, uvular_implants, slingbacks, drink_the_beer, posture_counts, just_snacks, so_dense, hard_bargain, your_first_mistake, refreshingly_cool, mr_congeniality, wee_wee_wee, ballet, dark_genius, cheerleaders, twenty_percent, box_of_chocolates, knee_caps, i_looked_it_up, hey_bev, in_each_pit, thermostat, clearly_a_glitch.

02:25PDT--fable.html 6:49PDT coordinate change now in Chapel Hill, NC need this one to complete zip_your_shirt.

00:05PDT--Things have changed again on  Homepage has a link to comatas.html for new set of axons that were embedded in SP's 404 killer.jpg images.  Green letters on homepage spell out "I have found something for you." You is a link to humptydumpty.html (local copy with black background) which has six (6) wav files composed of previous clips put into order.

Old fable.html (to my fable_axon_maps page) and recipe3.html (to my map recipe_axon_maps page NEW standish coordinate now in Denver, CO) wav files still open for transmission COMPLETION.  Let's get these old axons HOT.

2004Sep13 Updates

19:18PDT--Two (2) more axons answered.  No new wav files active (27/30 fable).  Total of 529/777 axons HOT.
Still three (3): surgery, zip_your_shirt, and thin_kinkle, wonder what will happen at tonight's midnight update.
Two (2) axons still COLD on recipe3 page.  One (1) phone no longer at the coords given for standish.

2004Sep12 Updates

18:05PDT--Two (2) more wav files active (27/30 fable): winning, i_durga
Leaving three (3): surgery, zip_your_shirt, and thin_kinkle.
Two (2) axons left COLD on recipe3 page.  No one answered the call for them today. :(
Total of 527/777 axons HOT.

2004Sep11 Updates

18:00PDT--Two (2) more axons went hot for a total of 518/777.

17:14PDT--Five-hundred sixteen of seven-hundred seventy-seven (516/777) axons HOT.  Where will the count end today?

16:06PDT--One (1) more wav file active (25/30 fable): butter_flavored

13:33PDT-Recipe3 axon alt_burgundy hot(1/1) Two (2) more to activate for another day to finish off this new set.

13:23PDT--Several new wav files active (24/30): break_em, insurrection, its_a_chicken, raffle, taxes_suck (links go to map page where the wav file is accessible.)

00:18PDT--working set of SP's 2nd killer.jpg embedded coordinates.

2004Sep10 Updates

23:27PDT--a little late on this one too.  artifact was set to go hot at 19:00PDT.  artifact.wav
3 more to get the new recipe3.html axons hot.

18:35--Well's 10MB just not enough space for the site
new address not too easy to remember
but working on that too. Trying to decide what domain name I'd like to use.

18:32PDT--A little late but work came first.  Five (5) new recipe3.html axons.  Harmony.wav opened already.

Harmony not shown since it's already HOT.

09:36PDT--New Killer.jpg images here's the 11 I've collected  Sleeping Princess's killer.jpg's

2004Sep07 Updates

18:47PDT--Updating fable.html maps.  See maps with coordinates organized by each wav file name.   

17:59PDT--Candidate wave file on recipe3.html linked.  Fixed version here.

02:25PDT--Missing 09:19-10:05 axons never found in killer.jpg on 404 error page.
Map has clickable hotspots for each coordinate just click on the red dot on the map.

01:29PDT--GretelRiddle. (25 hidden words found in corrupted jpg and gif images on the site.)

00:15PDT--New hidden text??? Well looking into it. Background images etc.
Well no riddle yet, but firefox from #beekeepers tried gretel.html and low and behold it was there.
Copy of gretel.html can be found here with black background.

00:00PDT--fable.html new set of axons activated.  Get to answering the phones 5/5 required for each set to access the wav file link.

Candidate AXON's new location.  17:59PDT Lafayette, LA.
Click the dot for map.

2004Sep03 Updates

key_lime axon activated in Albuquerque, NM with reversed wav file.  Corrected file here.

2004Sep03 Updates (Corrupted killer.jpg Image Gallery now with 12 of 13 images)

Princess Axons hidden in 404 error page killer.jpg images

From the Sleeping Princess, "
Wandering_Angela is the winner!
You can thank her for the chance to spy on the Queen's secret roads this week.
Just for fun, I have played a little game myself with what you will find...

Little game, huh, must be that we won't find all of them...or just that they are hidden in the jpg's.

Then, after her story

"Plans for construction
—roads not built yet but coming—
I stole them for you!

The images are numbered in the order obtained.
Uncorrupted killer.jpg images with beewiki numbering not mine.

06:07-06:53PDT killer-09.jpg
06:55-07:41PDT killer-06.jpg
07:43-08:29PDT killer-10.jpg
08:31-09:17PDT killer-12.jpg (finally found this one thanks to rowan72 and his source damatius over on forums)
09:19-10:05PDT MISSING (24 time/coordinate sets missing)
10:07-10:53PDT killer-04.jpg
10:55-11:41PDT killer-05.jpg
11:43-12:29PDT killer-07.jpg
12:31-13:17PDT killer-08.jpg
13:19-14:29PDT killer-01.jpg (With clickable USA Map to obtain site location map.)
14:31-15:41PDT killer-11.jpg (Thanks DarkForge)
15:43-16:43PDT killer-02.jpg
16:55-18:05PDT killer-03.jpg

Two (2) new "recipe3.html" AXONS 
Click on the spot for a map of location. (Only 2 hotspots added manually.)

2004Aug31 Midnight 341 of the 342 new "hivekuts.html" AXONS. (1 in Alaska not plotted)  (Points are not clickable)

Maps made with plot-latlong-0.2.