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Update 20170306, I see that redirects to The ARG developer's web site; however, they no longer host the original site's web pages. :( In the coming days, I'll work on updating old links below to pages retrieved from's wayback machine.

AXON Maps have links to opened wav files.

  recipe8 AXONs  
  2004Oct31 (Sunday)  
recipe7 AXONs recipe6 AXONs recipe5 AXONs
2004Oct26 2004Oct19 2004Oct12
recipe4 AXONs recipe3 AXONs recipe2 AXONs
2004Oct05 additions each week 2004Sep28
recipe1 AXON Maps comatas AXON Maps fable AXON Maps
2004Sep21 2004Sep14 2004Sep07

Chapter 1-10 ordered wavs on local copy of humptydumpty.html, (Last update: 2004Oct29)

gretelriddle solved 2004Sep07


1642PDT-- SP not dead afterall. The Queen and Sleeping Princess are now joined as one.  404 page updates; humptydumpty addition of Chapter 10 ordered wavs; contactme updated with fleaspeak throughout the day until Queen and SP united as one.
Hidden text in todays image set contains the Princess monologue. Check fireflies wiki (last copy August 4, 2009) for more details. Local text only copy here.


0137PDT--Mel updated recipe7.html with real axon list.  SP updated humptydumpty.html with Chapter Nine wavs.  What more going to sleep now?


Site upkeep has slipped by the wayside with work the last couple of weeks.  No recipe3, recipe4 or even recipe5 axon maps :(

Prepositions puzzle finally solved from last weeks SP puzzles.  a_pawn.wav (Sounds like...upon)

Two (2) wavs to fill in the blanks from SP's contactme page.  Axon hunting/enhottenation has been going well the last couple of weeks.  All wav files opened in the first two days even with the more complex SEEKING tasks.  And, next weeks promise of requiring even more group effort for recipe6.html axons on 10/19/2004. Update 20170306, redirects to developer's website but individual pages are no longer hosted there. I've found the pages archived on the Wayback Machine, recipe6.html Last save 20141012.


0916PDT--New updates: contactme.html, embedded text/etc in images and new list of Axon coords on recipe4.html, yeah... well :( none close to me.


18:20PDT--SP is free, new text on (local copy of Pious Flea and SP conversation here.) Humptydumpty page updated with chapter 4 and 5 titles.

17:26PDT--18/19 wavs opened, 6/6 seeking opened.  Top_hat only wav not opened. Good job today.  Now what about the SP, is she free or not?  Anyone...

17:23PDT--25 axon sets: 6 seeking and 19 normal timed sets from preview list. 17/19 opened. 6/6 seeking opened.
6 new crewmembers:
Gilada, Lt.; Tom Bridge, CPO; Trynian, Maj; aliendial, Cmdr.; hmrpita, Rec.; Adam, Lt.

09:15PDT--hives.html page contains new text.  Melissa speaks about Durga in the future and the SP being encrypted with a code to lock her up?  Interesting...

00:48PDT--As expected, TRANSMITTING link on homepage changed to recipe2.html.

New ordered waves not shown on but still accessible for weeks 4 and 5 have been added to my local copy of humptydumpty.html.

Working on new maps for recipe2 AXON maps will have up later...when I get it finished probably sleep now since work tomorrow can't stay up real late (early) today :(

Someone on #beekeepers pointed out that web pages containing wav files, those hosted on web server, are hosted on servers for widespread distribution.  DNS for returns canonical name with aliases of and with IP addresses of (canonical name: and (canonical name: while <anything_else> returns IP address of with no reverse lookup data.


20:45PDT--waiting for 0000PDT to roll around for update to to show recipe2.html for new TRANSMITTING link on homepage.  Or, whatever the PM's update includes at midnight...

15:30PM--english_longbow wav file unlocked not sure the exact time noticed when I arrived home from work.


17:43PDT--last weeks cranky_old_man opened at new axon location and two of four new wavs, wetwork and a_schoolgirl, opened on recipe3.html page. Even more AXON coordinates added to recipe2 page :(  Coordinates shown in a time/lat/longitude/location table.  Melissa posted times for reaching her crew members:

mann alive, Sgt 06:46 PDT
xnbomb, Col. 08:48 PDT
Mike Was, Cmdr. 09:32 PDT
weephun, Lt. 10:08 PDT
Carlson, Lt. 10:30 PDT
Adam, Lt. 12:02 PDT
Shad0, Lt. Cmdr. 12:16 PDT
Chappy, Mstr. Chf. 12:42 PDT
Dragonrider, Ens. 13:13 PDT
Kamen, Ens. 13:58 PDT
Mazian, Cpl. 14:48 PDT
krystyn, Ens. 16:52 PDT
Ben, Pvt. 17:15 PDT

The Flea's trying to find the Sleeping Princess on the 404 error page and saw it on contact me page...

!seek Princess
!seek Princess
!seek Princess

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New recipe3 AXON Coordinates 20040924
11:11PDT odd_duck 12:12PDT wetwork HOT 13:13PDT dangerous_devices 14:14PDT a_schoolgirl HOT
11:11 PDT 39.949370 -075.163670
12:12 PDT 40.343840 -074.659620
13:13 PDT 40.800210 -073.649735
14:14 PDT 41.093910 -073.449310

2004Sep22 (777+/777)

18:55PDT--all remaining recipe1 wavs unlocked: unwelcome_visitors_lounge, not_for_now, dream_child, one_point_oh, the_glassworks, crates_and_a_dolly.
All comatas wavs unlocked, last one: drink_the_beer.

2004Sep21 (777+/777)

18:55PDT--bang HOT 8/8 and nine (9) axons left. How many will go HOT?  Still have old links left on recipe3 and comatas pages.   Not getting these old axons, guess they are probably bad phones or hard to find locations that should move to new location Friday.

18:47PDT--bang at 6/8 and still going strong. Fourteen (14) axons left. Will it go hot?  Hope so...

18:19PDT--lots of new items today,  new puzzles (solutions here), axons marked seeking on recipe1 page all went AXON SPIKE.

Thirteen (14/21) wavs opened thus far today.  Several with only 1 or 2 axons to go live tomorrow.

Axon coordinate wavs opened (check map for link to wav file): stockpile, camouflage, cochlear_tuning, payday, not_anymore, card_counters, taupe_sir, just_a_joke, housekeeping, funnest_fieldtrips, chain_oil, stretch_em, can_opener, double_down,...1 left for today will it open...BANG.

17:37PDT--777/777 reached: Critical threshold achieved. Authorized personnel be ready for axon spike rendezvous.
Resulting in six (6) lucky people talking to a live caller instead of a recorded conversation.  Each resulted in an AXON Spike wav file opening:

on_reach duty brain_ninjas shut_you_off common_ground by_accident
xnbomb, Col. Mike Was, Cmdr. Man-Alive, Sgt. weephun, Lt. Chappy, Mstr. Chf. Shad0, Lt. Cmdr.

01:58PDT--recipe1_axon_maps.html now available but not formatted completely right.  Going to bed will fix later.
What must we do to SEEK them out: on_reach, duty, brain_ninjas, shut_you_off, common_good, by_accident?

New Chapter 3 wavs added to humptydumpty.html page.

00:00PDT--Well they went to recipe1 not contactme page.
Some of the SP's preview coordinates were modded in the final version received on recipe1 page.
Enhottened axons archived on comatas and recipe3 pages.  New SEEKING axons too.

AXON maps: coming as soon as coordinates made available at

2004Sep20 Updates (749/777)

Comatas wav opened: alaska.  One (1) left: drink_the_beer.
Recipe3 wav(s) three (3) left: the_labyrinth, english_longbow, and cranky_old_man.
Waiting for midnight update :)

2004Sep19 Updates (744/777)

Comatas wav opened: big_gloves.  Two (2) left: alaska and drink_the_beer.
Recipe3 wav opened: calculus.  Three (3) left: the_labyrinth, english_longbow, and cranky_old_man.

2004Sep18 Updates (738/777)

Comatas wav opened: hey_bev.
NO wavs opened on recipe3 page :(

2004Sep17 Updates (728/777)

Comatas wavs file(s) opened: just_snacks, dark_genius.
New AXONs sets by SP in 404 error page killer.jpg images plus one.  SP3 Image Gallery.
New Axons on recipe3 page.  the_labyrinth (London axon map), english_longbow (map), and calculus (map).

Addtional recipe3.html axons added today.

rp3uk-20040917.png (5475 bytes)
UK Axon in London - the_labyrinth

rp3-20040917.png (8682 bytes)
Two (2) additional axons - english_longbow and calculus

2004Sep16 Updates (709/777)

All fable wavs finally opened: thin_kinkle.
Still have one (1) recipe3 wav to open: cranky_old_man.
Comatas wavs opened today:
such_pigs, big_dog, her_hair, optical, uvular_implants, slingbacks, posture_counts, refreshingly_cool, cheerleaders, clearly_a_glitch.

Archived Updates here.